DJ Cycles is a bike shop focused on helping You.

 We are a small locally owned bike shop that caters to cyclists.

No matter what bike you ride.

No matter how old you are.

No matter how hipster you are.

No matter if you ride a mountain bike or a commuter bike or even a $20,000 Tour de France Road bike.

We will treat you the same.

We are a Repair Shop first and will be glad to help anyone out.

There is no bike we can't fix.



We Charge $50/hour, and gurantee all work that we do. For at least 30 days.

We offer great tune-up specials starting at $35.

We build wheels at a astonishing $30 per wheel. Or for FREE, when you purchase all parts through us.

Custom Bikes

We build all sorts of bikes, big and small. Steel, Carbon, Titanium, Stainless, Aluminum, Bamboo... you name it we will get it.

We only build Perfect Bikes. So feel free to come by for a chat. We have very comfortable seating.

3466 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC | 604-732-8008

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